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After 29 years of service with Universal Instruments Corporation, holding several positions within the company and starting the Engineering Test Lab, Donn Bellmore has demonstrated his profound knowledge of the industry. Universal Instruments is a major supplier of Surface Mount and Through Hole Technologies, specialty equipment for special applications and other equipment in Automated Factory Solutions. While a Reliability Analyst, Donn demonstrated how Universal Instruments could improve the reliability of their electronics with the implementation of a strong ESD Control Program. As the Corporate ESD Specialist for 20+ years, he was responsible for all facets of the Corporate ESD Control Program and implementation of the processes in manufacturing including the following:

Training Procedures


The “ESD Awareness and Control Training” course was developed and has been used to teach literally thousands of Manufacturing Employees, Suppliers, and Customers Basic ESD, ESD awareness and ESD control methods. The “Controlling ESD by Design” course was developed to teach Mechanical Engineers and Designers on methods of integrating ESD controls into automated assembly products and is the basis for Donn’s workshops and tutorials given through the ESD Association and other Associations.



Donn has had numerous articles published in various ESDA newsletters, magazines, and proceedings on the subject of ESD Control in Automated Handlers and processes. He was also awarded the ASQ Continuity Best Paper Award in 1996.

Moving the Industry Forward

Donn has worked with many customers and their suppliers as a consultant to assist them in trouble shooting their manufacturing, automated assembly, and testing processes to improve yield and reduce defects by improving their ESD Control process. He has also assisted numerous customers and suppliers around the world in adapting their older equipment and processes to safely handle the newer technologies including Class "0" Devices. Many of these customers now include his services in their final approval process. To accomplish these objectives, Donn developed a procedure consisting of a routine audit of the Electrostatic Protective Area, specific measurements of the equipment lines, and Line Charge Profiles. Donn has been successful in assisting customers in electronics manufacturing, medical device assembly and manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries. Customers can look to obtain ANSI/ESD S20.20 Certification by designing custom designed ESD Control programs that complied with ANSI/ESD S20.20, performing audits to the newly developed program and providing customized training appropriate for their control program.